My name is Paul Boyce. I am the owner of Brandbuilder Consulting. I have also been a TOP producer in the Collections Industry for over 27 years! I know the industry and what it takes to be successful in it! (feel free to review my experience at my LinkedIn Profile for Paul Boyce ). I know what it takes to get YOU more business and success! MORE BUSINESS THROUGH CREDIBILITY.

I was doing this for a new collection related company I had started and was subsequently derailed from my start-up to doing this for clients. It is such a powerful tool for credibility, digital visual presence and search engine results in the CREDIT AND COLLECTIONS industry. I decided, why not partner my Branding and Reputation Marketing with the other industry I have extensive experience in!

Brandbuilder Consulting can provide this as either a software package (BrandBuilderXp) for your own people to utilize internally or a concierge package where we will handle the day to day functions.

I have a brief one and half minute comprehensive video of what we or the software will tackle for you at the Reputation Marketing and Branding Overview

Good News, COLLECTION AGENCIES can be greatly impacted by the software and/or services provided by Brandbuilder Consulting.


90%+ of collection agency reviews are submitted by debtors and disgruntled employees. Review sites don’t understand the business structure of a collection agency and that debtors, in fact, are NOT customers or clients of an Agency. This can be changed and impacted in a three-prong attack: 1/ address all the complaints/reviews in a timely manner. BrandBuilderXp’s solution to this is that ALL of the review sites and mentions are put on one platform with an alert system in place. 2/ You can use the software and systems to engage your existing clients (actual clients) to start generating positive reviews. 3/ Now you have good reviews. These are only giving your passive results UNTIL you remarket those reviews. BrandbuilderXp lets you turn around and remarket these reviews socially. This will then SEO these reviews. We also have a system to take these reviews and turn them into video reviews. Since Google purchased YouTube, they give you the ability to quickly rank these videos to page 1. Example: Reputation Marketing Video . Imagine dominating the first couple pages of Google with positive reviews from actual clients and push aside the debtor’s negative reviews!

85%+ of collection agencies have not taken advantage of High PR directory website listings. With BrandBuilderXp and/or our services, you can ensure in live time that you are correcting/updating and adding your data to all relevant directories. This will give you significant digital exposure to companies you may not traditionally be marketing to and get you clients you may not have thought to market to. By syncing this data across all directories and listings, you become more “relevant”. This is important to the SERPS (search engines) in boosting local SEO. By being in all of these directories, you will also push aside a lot of negative reviews. You can also monitor for other directories or listings you may not want to be on and get removed.

80%+ of collection agencies are not utilizing Social Marketing correctly. Besides engaging your existing clients and partners, the SERPS love you if you utilize it correctly. This gives you significant authority and SEO juice. Use one platform to engage and market to the important/relevant social networks. AND once again, build credibility and push aside negative reviews

There is so much more that can be done with this powerful tool and our other services. Contact us today for more details and our system tailored SPECIFICALLY for the Collections Industry niche.

I hope to hear from you soon and show you what we can do for YOU,

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